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Six things you can do at home to keep the kids entertained

Let’s face it, being stuck at home is hard work. No matter what size your house is, keeping the kids engaged and entertained has its challenges, especially if you cannot see friends and family for a while. 

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy list of six awesome things you can do at home to keep the kids entertained and enjoy time together,

Six things to do at home to keep the kids entertained.

1. Teach some lessons with toy cars

Whether you’re three or thirty-three, playing with toy cars is both entertaining and educational. Play around the house, on the porch, up the driveway and on the footpath while you’re out getting some exercise – all you need is the ground.

Toy cars are great for kids as they can spark an interest in adult scenarios (driving) and promote sharing and turn-taking skills. 

Also, remote control cars are wonderful for hand-eye coordination skills, creativity and imagination – especially when they need to think about how to reverse the car out from under the table!  

2. Dine outside

Eating outdoors has many benefits, and you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy them! You can get fresh air and sunlight when having a meal out in your backyard, patio, or balcony. 

Pack a picnic and rug and have brekky out the back. If your child is aged between six months and three years, a portable booster seat is an excellent way for them to sit outside with you and still enjoy their food

You could even wheel your bub’s highchair outside for brekky or lunch. To keep them engaged with what’s on their tray, pop a highchair toy on there to keep them entertained while eating. 

Just don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

3. Get musical

Not only is it super fun watching the kids ‘jam’ to their own tunes, but getting musical with your toddler helps their sensory development

Learning a few nursery rhymes and singing with your child can help them learn patterns and place them in a sequence. Why not jam to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ on toy drums or a xylophone

Playing music can help build a child’s coordination and develop their gross and fine motor skills. Moreover, you might see a little dance, wiggle, jig, if the music is entertaining them! 

Bigger kids might like to pretend they’re a DJ mixing music too! 

4. Take walks

Taking a walk up the street or around the block is a great way to get some daily exercise. It’s a change of scenery for everyone; you get some fresh air, and it keeps you connected with the local neighbourhood.

If your little one is too small to walk with you (or if it’s a bit too far for them to walk the whole way), pop them in a stroller so they can sit and enjoy the view of the natural environment around them. Teethers and engaging stroller toys can help keep them entertained while you’re enjoying your outdoor time. 

If there’s a breeze or a chill in the air, don’t forget a stroller blanket

5. Old Skool Games

Old-fashioned household games are certainly not going out of fashion. From an egg and spoon tournament to the three-legged grand finale, games are great for family bonding.

Driveways aren’t just for cars. No siree. Family races of all kinds can be contested on the driveway. For toddlers, a balance bike race is a great game to play. It keeps them active, helps develop their gross motor skills and gets them closer to a pushbike. You can also grab some chalk and show the kids how to play hopscotch. If you’re short on space, indoor hopscotch is also an option! 

6. Cook with the kids

Experts suggest that cooking with kids fosters an early interest in food, leading to healthy eating habits later in life. Cooking for the win! 

If you have toddlers, start with small, quick meals. Tasks they can help you with include stirring ingredients, washing the vegetables, and handing over utensils. If they just want to watch (which is totally fine!), having a toy cooking utensil to play with can help keep them interested. 

Take it easy and be kind to yourself. 

Staying at home for long periods at a time (especially if you’re experiencing a stay-at-home order) is challenging. It can take its toll on the entire household. Remember, do be hard on yourself. It’s a challenging time for everyone, and you’re doing the best that you can do. Kids are resilient and, above all, just need the love and support of their parents or guardians. 

Whatever the situation you and your family find yourself in at home, Chicco is here for you.  

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