Pregnancy & Feeding

Mother and baby together. Baby has a Chicco latex soother in their mouth.

Choosing the right soother for your baby

Soothers, dummies, pacifiers. Whatever you call them, they can be a great way to settle your baby. Especially at 3am.    Dummies are powerful tools. They calm, soothe, and settle. But, like Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. So they must be, however, used appropriately. This means choosing the suitable soother for your baby and learning …

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Checklist for Travelling with a Baby

So, you have decided to brave it. You are going to do the unthinkable and travel with your baby. Good on you!

Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or other reasons, you will still need ‘stuff’ for the baby. We have made a handy checklist so you can easily plan your fabulous trip AND parent with more.

Mother breastfeeding her baby

Six Problems Associated with Breastfeeding and How to Fix Them

Breastfeeding. It’s supposed to be one of the most natural actions that a mother can do with her child.  Then why is it so hard?! Sometimes, it’s not easy to just ‘put the baby on the boob’ — there many reasons why breastfeeding can feel like an uphill battle. The good news is, there are …

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Woman standing in a kitchen with an electric steriliser

Cleaning and Sterilising Bottles

Cleaning and sterilising your baby’s bottles and teats can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  A baby’s immune system is much weaker than older kids and adults when they’re born. Not being able to fight off infections can be an issue if there are residual bacteria in a baby’s bottle and teat.  …

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Man feeding a baby with a Chicco bottle

Bottle Feeding Your Baby Expressed Breastmilk

There are many reasons why a mum bottle feeds her baby with expressed breastmilk. Some mums and babies are separated for medical reasons, and some return to the workplace.  Other common reasons include: Breast refusal or baby is unable to latch Personal preference Emotional reasons Some mums worry that they won’t bond with their baby …

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